About Us

Main Entrance HallwayThe classic architecture of Evansville’s landmark Court Building is a blend of great craftsmanship from another era and the efficiency needed in today’s business world. This impressive structure was erected in 1908 as a furniture showroom and was, in fact, originally called “The Furniture Center.” Typical of the fine German craftsmanship of that era, the walls are thick and sturdy and the design was classically simple.

The Court Building today is a source of office facilities second to none in the city. Tenants share every modern convenience along with the pride that comes from doing business in an impressive, dignified office building. See a more complete list of services.

The Court Building is truly an attractive place to establish business offices. Availability is always limited as our building has very high occupancy rates, but we often have suites open for leasing. See our current offerings.

For any information about The Court Building including leases, availability or policy please feel free to call us during normal business hours or use the contact form.